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If you are considering a hair transplant, we ensure that our advice is as personal as your own hair. We assess the quality of the hair and the chances for a successful hair transplant, by giving you a free hair analysis. This hair analysis and the advice are provided by an experienced specialist at our Hair Clinic and they are entirely without obligation.

Answers to your questions

The success of a hair transplant does, of course, depend on the quality of the donor hair. The question is whether you have sufficient amounts of healthy donor hair in order to grow back a full head of hair and restore the bald or thin patches. That question will be answered during the hair analysis.

Assessment of the hair quality, hair density and the expectations

The hair analysis forms a part of the introduction at Dutch Clinic. You can come and visit us at the clinic in Amsterdam by booking an appointment. One of the specialist doctors will welcome you and discuss your wishes. In order to determine what is feasible, a hair analysis is performed in order to assess the quality, hair density and the expectations regarding baldness. Special equipment is used to form a diagnosis.

Personal advice

After the examination, the results are discussed with you straight away and you will also receive a personal recommendation there and then. During this meeting, other matters are discussed also, such as measures you can take to fight hair loss, the actual hair transplant and the results you can expect from it. The latter in particular varies greatly from person to person and entirely depends on the results of the hair analysis. That is why the personal advice always forms a fixed element of the initial consultation.

Make an appointment

The introduction leaves sufficient time for answering all your questions. Therefore, come to Dutch Clinic properly prepared, have your hair analysed and use the personal consultation to learn about your possibilities for a hair transplant. Make an appointment now and we will look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam soon.

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