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The specialists at Dutch Clinic carry out FUE hair transplants. This method achieves a natural-looking and permanent result with hardly any visible scarring.

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, is an innovative technology during which the hair transplant is performed under local anaesthetic. This is contrary to the FUT technology, which is much more invasive. In the case of FUT, the surgeon cuts small strips of the scalp, removes the hair follicles from it and subsequently replaces them on the bald patch of the scalp. This surgical operation always results in scarring and requires a longer healing process compared to the FUE method. We will never perform an FUT at Dutch Clinic.

Local anaesthetic

During an FUE hair transplant, the hairs, including the hair follicles, the grafts, are removed from the scalp one by one, using a tiny, hollow needle. This harvest area normally concerns the back and side of the head, the ‘donor area’. Next, small holes are created on the bald patches where the grafts will be implanted. The entire treatment is painless as your scalp will have been anaesthetised. A local anaesthetic suffices as the procedure is extremely precise and accurate. This procedure also means that any scarring is practically eliminated.

Results of an FUE hair transplant

The grafts are harvested from the donor area, as those hair follicles are genetically much stronger. The hairs from these hair follicles do not fall out, a property that is preserved also after the transplantation. After the transplantation, it takes a few days before the hair follicles have attached themselves to the scalp. Approximately two weeks thereafter, the hairs fall out, with new hairs growing back three to four months thereafter. The ultimate result is achieved after approximately one year.

One or two days

The duration of the FUE hair transplant depends on the number of grafts that need to be harvested and implanted. Normally a day suffices, but in the case of a larger transplant, it can be spread across two days.

An FUE hair transplant for you?

The FUE hair transplant guarantees a successful end result. The ultimate result does, of course, depend on your personal condition and the quality of your hairs. If you want to find out whether you could benefit from an FUE hair transplant as well, feel free to make an appointment for a no-obligation introductory meeting, including a free hair analysis from one of our experienced hair specialists.

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