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An FUE hair transplant is an extremely precise treatment that is normally completed in one day. The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic and, therefore, completely painless. If you are considering a hair transplant at Dutch Clinic, the treatment will be as follows:

Free first consultation

Even though a hair transplant is a daily routine for us, no treatment is the same. We are all unique and, therefore, every transplant differs from the one before. With that, you may well find yourself in unfamiliar territory. That is why we always start with a free consultation held during an initial introduction and this is entirely free from obligation. For you, this is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, inspect the clinic and get to know one of our experienced specialists.

Hair analysis and advice

During the consultation, we will also analyse your hair. We will be inspecting the quality of the hair and your hair density. This is vital in order to determine whether you are suitable for a hair transplant and/or whether this must be completed in one or two sessions. We do, of course, also discuss other matters with you. For example, you need to have a clean bill of health in order to qualify for treatment. Based on all this information, you will be given a personal recommendation and we will advise you to opt for or against treatment and also tell you what to expect from a possible treatment. This way, you know exactly what to expect in advance.

FUE hair transplant

If after the consultation and recommendation you opt to have treatment, we will choose a day for the hair transplant, in consultation with you. You will then also be given instructions for the period leading up to the hair transplant. This way, you can properly prepare yourself.

The actual treatment

The hair transplant usually takes a day. If two sessions are needed, we will tell you so in advance. The treatment itself is as follows:

  • You report to the clinic in Amsterdam in the morning where you will be welcomed in pleasant surroundings, next to the treatment room.
  • Prior to the treatment, we will take pictures to document the hair situation.
  • The specialist will once again discuss the approach with you and the location where the hair will be transplanted.
  • Where needed, the hair will be shaved off.
  • In the treatment room, the donor area on your head is anaesthetised.
  • The grafts are harvested with a hollow, microscopically small needle. This is completely painless.
  • Whilst you are served a light lunch, the grafts are prepared for transplantation.
  • The treatment is continued in the afternoon, starting with an anaesthetic in the area where the hair follicles will be implanted.
  • The physician makes tiny holes where the grafts will be implanted.
  • Finally, the treatment is completed. You will receive some final aftercare instructions before you can make your way home.

Make an appointment for further information or a free consultation

For further information about FUE hair transplants, the treatment or for a personal introduction, feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to book an appointment for your initial consultation.

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